Friday 20th April 18
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musical instruments

Louka Nika str. 14
10554 (Psiri)
Tel. Fax : +30 2103225963

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Jesse Sanders
I recently purchased a bouzouki from George and it sounds great. I own two other bouzoukis that don't come close in sound quality. After wandering into George's shop, I looked over his instruments, and a few months later asked him to make an instrument for me. I was never pressured to buy anything. George made the bouzouki in the time that he had stated. He and his staff are always friendly and helpful. Since that time I've moved to a very humid climate and George has made small adjustments to the bridge free of charge. The bouzouki continues to sound great and my neighbors are pleased. Also George (and his staff) and I have become friends. I try to go to Athens often and we meet and talk about music. I have no problem recommending George's craftmanship and business practices. He's first rate, and as I said, a friend.

Angelo Angelis
Wonderful website and an exciting display of beautifully crafted instruments.

I was surfing the net and came across your website! What a joy to find such a dedicated group of craftsmen! How refreshing it is to find people who still take pride in working with their hands! Congratulations to all of you and keep up the great work!

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