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musical instruments

Louka Nika str. 14
10554 (Psiri)
Tel. Fax : +30 2103225963

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George Parashos
George Parashos was born in Athens in 1946. From 1964 to 1968 he studied in the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Athens. While working as silversmith in the family business, he became interested in the manufacture of wind instruments. In 1980 he decided to devote himself full-time to the craft. He founded Paraschos Co. musical wind instruments and has since developed his activities in the repair, manufacture and commercial representation of musical wind instruments. In 1982 Paraschos Co. manufactured its first silver fully hand made flute, which stood out for its immaculate quality and was instantly purchased by the 1st flutist of the Athens state Symphonic Orchestra. Since then it have successfully manufactured a big number of musical instruments and have thus studied and applied new methods for the evolution of sound. Wooden Paraschos products is the latest stage of this ongoing course which started in 1999. Our manufacturing process depends heavily on computerization and automation, which cover all the basic steps of production in combination with the manual work. The high quality of our products which is also a result of the fact that all members of the company are in addition highly skilled musicians, has already led to the formation of a numerous group of "Paraschos fans" among the world's most prominent musicians. The commercial department of the company is administrated by Maria Paraschos, George's wife. In addition Paraschos Co. have contributed immensely to archeological research in music with the manufacturing of a full scale, fully operational replica of the "Water Organ", a Greek musical instrument of the 3rt century B.C. Co. musical wind instruments • Mantinias 13-15, 162 31 Vironas-Athens, GREECE. Tel. +30 2107669161, +30 2107661489 Fax +30 2107600414

Konstantinos Taschounidis
Taschounidis Music House is a company that started its activity in Greece in 1989. Kostas Taschounidis is the founder of the company. He has been specialized in the field that is concerned the piano, for many years in Germany. In 1985, after long term studies in piano, he moved to Nyremberg in LANGLAU where he started his studies as a maker, conserver and piano tuner in the well known W.HOFFMANN piano making factory. He also studied in F. STEINBAUER specialized workshop of repairing pianos. In parallel, he studied in the unique (in Germany) piano and cembalo manufacturing school of arts which is called MUSIKINSTRUMENTE BAUSCHULE in LUDWIGSBURG. After a three year and a half practical and theoretical training he aquired his diploma as a piano maker and conserver, and the No1 award of the HANDWERKSKAMMER Chamber of Northern Bavaria. Thereafter, he attended specialized techniques in piano making and operation, in EUTERPE factory in LANGLAU. In 1988 he becomes member of the BDK German piano makers' association. In 1989 he returned in Greece where he started his professional activity opening the piano repairing workshop, having in parallel cooperation with the greater Greek Music House in piano tuning and service. In 1998 he expanded his activities also in the commercial area, opening (in parallel with the workshop) an important piano and other musical instrument exhibition store. His long term education in Germany but also the long term cooperation with the most important Music Houses in Greece, make him aquire experience and an excellent know how in pianos. Taschounidis Music House • Skevothikis 1, 18534, Pireus, GREECE - Tel. +30 2104132715, Fax +30 2104102485, e-mail:

Nicolaos Diplaris
Diploma of flute, with "excellent" degree in 2003 (Ichosynthesis Music School). Diploma of Accord, with "excellent" degree in 1995 (Ionic Conservatoire). Diploma in repair and conservation of Wind Musical Instruments (repair stage certificate) from H. Selmer & Cie France in 1992. Technical Conserver of Wind Musical Instruments in P. Michalitsianos Company, from 01/12/1991 to 15/02/1993. Technical Supervisor in the F. Nakas Company, at the Wind Musical Instruments Conservation department from 01/12/1994 to 31/12/2002. Creation of his own company since 15/01/2003. Participation in discography, as flautist, with composers like N. Moschos, N. Xydis, F. Peristeris, Minos Matsas, Antoniou etc. Teaching of flute from 3/10/2003 until today in Amarousiou Municipal Conservatoire. He is member of the laboratory staff and teaches in the Technological Educational Institution of Ionian Island in the Sound and Musical Instruments Technology Department since 2003.

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