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musical instruments

Louka Nika str. 14
10554 (Psiri)
Tel. Fax : +30 2103225963

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In our shop we build traditional folk instruments such as bouzoukis (all sizes from 2/4 to 4/4), lutes, tzoura (small bousouki - like instrument with a characteristic sound), mandolines, tambouras, classics and acoustics (for rebetica songs) guitars. All our instruments are guaranteed for sound production, strength and ornamentation. All instruments have an austere yet artistic line that makes them special in every sense.
Many well-known musicians are our customers, still we provide special treatment and care to those young and promising musicians who need a well-build instrument to help them develop their skill and meet any artistic or professional challenges. Combining science (Physics, Acoustics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Wood Technology, History of Arts etc) with our research of new applications on instrument building, we managed to reveal unknown until now "secrets" concerning the building of the folk instruments of our country.

Georgios Karellas is one of the founder members of the Hellinic Luthier Association "Terpandros" and as the first president made sure that this association would gain status and cultural values. Among his activities was the first ever exhibition of luthiers at the Cultural Organisation of municipality of Athens; this effort had a goal of recognition of Inthiers as artists by the Greek society. He also organized special programs in interaction with the Ministry of Labor so that luthiers could be trained according to their needs. He is one of the founder members of the Hellenic Board of Delphi that promotes the revival if the Pythian Games and a consultant at the Artcraft section. He has participated in many conferences, galas and seminars having allways a dynamic role giving releases and proposals. Some schools and other organizations often visit his workshop so they meet all the faces of folk instrument building and the vast tradition that lies beneath. His experience and expertise as well as his multi-dimensional action, make him one of the most skilled luthiers of our country. He teaches the module of "Making and Conservation of folk instruments" at the Higher School of Music Technology (Epirus T.E.I.)
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