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musical instruments

Louka Nika str. 14
10554 (Psiri)
Tel. Fax : +30 2103225963

New payment method with PayPal Paypal

What are my payment options?

Electronic commerce has been linked in the minds of consumers with the use of credit cards. Customers and friends of e-shop have many payment options to ease that feeling of insecurity arising from the use of credit.

These options are:

Pay on Delivery ( Valid for Greece only)

On receiving the products of your order you pay the amount due to an official of the Greek post office or the courier who delivered the order to you. It's that simple and safe.

Deposit in bank account

After having come into an agreement with us about the exact amount you can recompense your dues of e-shop at, take advance of the new Web Banking service!

PIRAEUS BANK: IBAN: GR 7201720230005023 049493 531
National Bank: IBAN: GR 09 0110 1010 0000 1016 0977 749
EMPORIKI BANK: IBAN: GR 58 0120 0150 0000 0004 8446 558
ALPHA BANK: IBAN: GR 04 0140 1050 1050 0210 1077 222
MARFIN EGNATIA BANK: IBAN: GR 10 0280 2010 0000 0023 6631 406

After the deposit, please contact our e-shop via email: or by phone at +30 210 3225963 or fax at +30 210 3225963

Debit by Telephone Communication

You may call and give us your credit card number so we make the charge for the purchase of products ordered.

Credit card

If you have a credit card, visa or master card you can use it safely through our order form. There is no risk, as we follow the latest developments in matters of security of transactions. In addition, after years of operations, from 01/06/2002, there has been not a single case of fraud among the hundreds of our customers. The process of your payment is taken by the Bank of Piraeus, guaranteeing this way the absolute security of your transaction.

For additional security of the electronic transactions through credit cards, payments are held under Piraeus Bank's Winbank Paycenter. Thus, during the process of purchasing through credit card, the customer is automatically transferred to a secure server of Piraeus Bank, to the Winbank Paycenter's service. All information transmitted electronically from the customer (credit card) to the Winbank Paycenter service, and the transfers from the bank to VISA or MasterCard are encrypted with 128 bit - SSL VeriSign, the most powerful encryption currently available globaly. Credit card information, are not stored anywhere but only used during the control and charging. The transactions made by credit card on are perfectly safe. does not collect or store with any way your credit card information, and for this reason you need to fill it again each time you use your card through this site.

Credit card Order Cancellation

If, after your transaction, and charge of your card and before sending the product, for any reason you change your mind - withdraw and want to cancel your order, you have to contact our store by e-mail: or by phone: +302103225963 and in ten (10) days we will fully refund the amount billed back to your account.

Personal data in accordance with all the laws concerning the protection of personal data, as by the International and European Law that regulates subjects with regard to electronic trade (Directive 2000/31/EU, PD 131/2003) as well as by the Consumer Law (Law 2251/1994) that regulates subjects with regard to sales from distance and the relative provisions of the Greek law (Law 2472/1997) on the protection of individuals and the protection of personal data, as it has been supplemented by the decisions of the Chairman of the Committee for the Protection of Personal Data, the P.D. 207/1998 & 79/2000, the article 8 of Law 2819/2000 and the European Law with the directives 95/46/EU and 97/66/EU, hereby declares that it will not proceed in any illicit use of personal data and it will not, in any way, reveal, publish, sell, rent or exchange your personal data and the information that you submit to any third party. Your personal data can, by your request, be totally erased and will not be granted with any way to anyone. With the submission of any material to our server, you agree that this material does not contain false, illegal or in any way improper for use and publication, elements

Purchase through Paypal.

You can do your shopping through Paypal. In this case, and affiliated bank are not involved with your card details. Please ask us to send you a form of payment for the products selected.

Product Prices

All prices shown in our catalogs include VAT 23%. reserves the right to adjust prices. For some areas of Greece to which reduced rates of VAT, and through your order you ask for an invoice, then prices are lower than indicated by the reduced VAT.


All transactions taking place through, are governed by the International and European Law that regulates matters concerning electronic trade (Directive 2000/31/EU, PD 131/2003) along with Consumer Law (Law 2251/1994) that regulates matters concerning sales from a distance.

Retraction of orders and Return of products

You retain the right to return the products you've bought, without providing a reason for your decision, within ten days from the date you received the order. In such cases, you are only required to pay the shipment cost for the return of the products. Returns are only accepted if the products are in the exact condition that you received them, i.e. not opened or their package tempered, along with all the accompanying documents, receipt and packaging of the product. In case of return, you will be refunded the sum of the returned products within 30 days from the date we receive the products.
In case the products are musical instruments like, bouzouki, guitars, baglamas, tzouras, lutes, mandolins etc. Then, you have the right to try them and if you are not fully satisfied, return them to be replaced with new ones, of the same quality and category, as long as the musical instrument has not sustained any deterioration from bad usage or storage. In this case, you are only required to pay the shipment cost for the return of the products.

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You can perform a simple search for a product in search mode at the top right of the page.The overall results of each search are shown classified by major category ty

Legal Note

Persons under 18 using website should do so with the consent of their parent or legal guardian. By visiting this website or by using any material from these web pages, you accept all the terms above. Please note that in case you do not agree and accept all the above terms, you are not permitted to use this website.

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